Marolin UK is the sole UK importer of Italian hedge cutters from Marolin. The quality hedge cutters have been built by the family run company for many years, and this year they celebrate 50 years of excellence. We are very proud to be able to offer their products in the UK.

Marolin manufacture different types of machines for agricultural work. Their machines are constructed and tested with the highest accuracy, in order to satisfy the most demanding customer, and consequently, to grant a constant work functionality. They specialise in the construction of boom mower machines, the ideal solution for those who have to cut grass, shrubs, hedges or for ditch clean up. These machines have been successful throughout Europe, owing to the hard work from the Marolin team, allowing the customer to carry out their work to the highest standard.

Our motto is ‘reaching for the best cut’ and we feel these machines allow our customers to do just that.

There are a large range of machines, split into groups such as: Garden, Farm, Vineyard, Semi-pro, Pro, and Advanced. They have many features such as a Telescopic Arm, Rotation Arm, Advanced Parallelogram System, Proportional Electric Controls, and many more. Allowing the customer to build their own specialised machine is also available on request.

We are looking to expand our dealer network throughout the UK, and based in the Midlands allows us to be in the centre of the network, selling our machines through our first dealer Tractor Guard Ltd.

Please Enjoy the following demonstration of marolin's products available to you now.